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Our depth of experience and commitment to exceptional service allows us to deliver un-matched wellsite efficiency. We consistently deliver our STANDARD high resolution data as well as our High Definition Data efficiently, reliably and without incident - every time. These are the cornerstones of RECON's well logging services. Committed to a 'whatever it takes' approach to customer care, RECON's dedication translates into bottom-line value for our customers.

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RECON Industry Leading Technology

RECON's Proprietary Telemetry System allows for full time High Resolution STANDARD (10 samples/ft, 33 samples/m) data acquisition without requiring specialty configurations, data acquisition modes, extra passes or the need to slow the tool string down during logging operations. Developed in-house, this unique system also allows for the acquisition of data at an un-matched 40 samples/ft (132 samples/m) in our patented HDDTM (High Definition Data) mode.

What we do
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