RECON Proprietary Telemetry System

RECON’s Proprietary Telemetry System allows for full time High Resolution STANDARD (10 samples/ft, 33 samples/m) data acquisition without requiring specialty configurations, data acquisition modes, extra passes or the need to slow the tool string down during logging operations.  Developed in-house, this unique system also allows for the acquisition of data at an un-matched 40 samples/ft (132 samples/m) in our patented HDDTM (High Definition Data) mode.  The compact Proprietary Telemetry System is shorter than conventional down hole electronic housings, enabling a shorter overall tool length.  RECON’s Telemetry has been designed and maintained by our specially trained professionals in order to guarantee continuous highest quality data without sacrificing rig time to our clients.

Secure Well Log Portal

Using high speed, encrypted satellite data transmission, TIFF/PDF/LAS files and images are available to your desktop within minutes of the completion of your logging job, via RECON's Secure Well Log Portal.  The Well Log Portal is accessed via any internet ready device through our website: 

Assistance with registration and setting up an account with the Secure Well Log portal can be provided by your RECON Sales Representative.

RECON8R Log Viewer

Your logs can be displayed alone or side by side, using RECON's proprietary TIFF viewer, RECON8R (Left Hand Tool Bar). RECON8R is compatible with most industry recognized TIFF logs and offers a variety of editing and printing options.  RECON8R in conjunction with the Well Log Portal allow you to view the high quality reliable information you need to make critical decisions in a timely manner.

Assistance with installation of RECON8R can be provided by you RECON Sales Representative or contact us at any of our locations (Contact Info).

Data Formats

RECON provides well log data to clients, in the following formats: Hardcopy (full-scale paper prints), LAS (Log ASCII Standad), PDF and TIFF. Initial well log files are created in TIFF format and are posted to RECON's Secure Well Log Portal, which can be accessed by clients immediately following the completion of the logging operations.

Paper copies of logs can also be provided according to client requirements. Digital Log Data is normally provided on CD-ROM.

Should you have specific requirements for any other formats not listed above, please contact your RECON Sales Representative or e-mail us (Contact Info).