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Sample Rate

RECON STANDARD main pass logging resolution is 10 samples/ft (33 samples/m), equivalent to the industry standard for high resolution logs and four (4) times more than industry main pass logs


RECON HDDTM (High Definition Data) samples at 40 samples/ft (132 samples/m), which is nearly four (4) times greater than industry’s 9-12 samples/ft (28-40 samples/m) for high resolution logs, and sixteen (16) times more than industry’s  2-3 samples/ft (8-10 samples/m) for main pass logs.

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Logging Speed


RECON STANDARD: Typical logging speed for industry standard main pass resolution logs is 1,800 feet/hour (9 meters/minute). RECON STANDARD pass logs, which are the equivalent of industry High Resolution logs, are run at 1,800 feet/hour (9 meters/minute). In comparison industry high res logs are run at ~800 feet/hour (4 to 5 meters/minute)*


RECON HDDTM: High Definition Data logs are run at ~1,500 feet/hour (~7 1/2 meters/minute).   This is nearly twice (2x) as fast as industry high resolution logs with four (4) times more data acquisition*.


These advantages mean more data for the same/less amount of rig time, equating to better reservoir understanding and operational cost savings.  Benefits of HDD™ range from more accurate reserve calculations, bed boundary definition, better thin bed identification, superior laminated zone identification and more precise porosity values. For a more detailed description of the benefits of RECON STANDARD and RECON HDDTM Open Hole Well Logging services. View HDD-Features-and-Benefits pdf 

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RECON offers a variety of tools that may be run individually or in combination to give our clients the desired data set they require for a successful job.


RECON’s Current Tool Inventory:


Gamma Ray (GR)

Dual Induction-Laterolog (DIL-LL3) – Spontaneous Potential (SP)

Compensated Neutron (CNL) / Y Caliper

Borehole Compensated Sonic (BHCS or BHS)

Litho-Density (LDT)

Micro-Electric Log (MEL) / M Caliper

Formation Dipmeter (DIP)

Formation Tester (Selectable/Multiple Pressure and Sample)


To view our Standard Tool String Schematics click here.

To view our Open Hole Technical Catalogue - View Technical Catalogue pdf >>

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RECON is currently offering Open Hole Logging Services out of these locations:


Western Canada

Texas & Oklahoma

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*The speeds presented are averages and can vary between service companies based on; tools being run, portion of hole being logged (zone of interest, up-hole / non-interest zone), and hole conditions.