Downhole Tools and Combinations:

Current Tool Inventory: Curve Mnemonics Used:
Dual Induction - Spontaneous Potential (SP) ILD, ILM, LL3, SP
Borehole Compensated Sonic (BHCS) DT, SPHI (SS,LS,DL), TTI, VDL, TT
Gamma Ray (GR) GR
Compensated Neutron / Y Caliper NPHI (SS,LS,DL), CALY
Litho Density - Pe DPHI (SS,LS,DL), Pe, RHOB, DRHO, CALX
Micro-Log / M Caliper MNOR, MINV, CALM
Two Arm Caliper CALX (CALY in certain Combos)
Four-Arm Dipmeter DIP4
Formation Tester FT

All tools may be run individually, or in combinations. Tool combinations are not limited by the number of tools in any combination, but only by the physical length of the string combinations. Detailed schematics of the following combinations are available*:

Triple Triple - MEL Dual Density
Quad Four-Arm Dipmeter Quint
Formation Tester

*In any tool string combination where a Micro-Log is run, normally only two calipers (X/Y or M/Y) will be presented.