Andrew Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen - President RECON USA

Andrew Nguyen has been President of RECON Inc. since February 2014. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada in 2000. Since joining RECON in 2003, Mr. Nguyen has been instrumental in developing and growing RECON Open Hole Logging Technologies both in Canada and United States. In 2007, as a Senior Logging Engineer, he led the expansion into the United States and introduced RECON's High Definition Data to the US based clients - subsequently growing RECON Inc. to three (3) major operational districts. During his tenure at RECON, Mr. Nguyen has held progressive position from Engineering to Executive Management and is passionately involved in all aspects of RECON's Technologies, Operations and Sales. Mr. Nguyen's logging experiences prior to RECON has been with Reeves Wireline Services Canada, where he has spent 3 years operating COMPACT Logging Tools and Well- Shuttle Logging operations throughout the Western Sedimentary Basin in Western Canada. Mr. Nguyen is a certified Professional Engineer and currently resides in the Dallas-Ft Worth, TX Metropolis.

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