Jarett Gough

Jarett Gough - President RECON CANADA

Jarett Gough (P. Geol.) brings 15+ years industry experience to the RECON team. Past experience includes the acquisition, interpretation and analysis of core data within the WCSB ranging from Heavy Oil, Oilsands, Coal bed Methane, Tight rock and Unconventional Oil and Shale plays. With an extensive background in Reserve and Resource evaluation, he brings a vast knowledge of all aspects of asset management and economics. Initially brought on as a technical advisor to the RECON organization, Mr. Gough has used his background to isolate and apply the multiple benefits of RECON's High Definition Data (HDDTM) in order to accurately characterize the OOIP/OGIP of reservoirs and use this knowledge to implement selective completion strategies in order to isolate the most productive intervals of all types of plays. With an extensive background in well log analysis and Petrophysics he is instrumental in the concept of LithoMetricTM completion strategies in order to minimize fracture stimulation expenses while maximizing ROI of Horizontal wells. Mr. Gough is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Alberta (APEGA) and the SPE. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor's of Science in Geology and a Bachelor's of Science in Geography.

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